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Friday, December 31, 2010

My Year in 2010.... by Suga Ray

Wow!!! What can I say??? Well I gotta start off by letting you guys know that for the first two weeks of 2010 I could not walk. Actually, I really couldn't walk from August 2009- January 2010. Mainly in bed, and times I did go out, I was driven here & driven there. It was getting really stressful. People kept telling me to get surgery, but I REFUSED to listen to ANYONE. So I stuck it out, and due to the My FAITH & TRUST in the TRUE HEALER, Father God, I have not had back problems since. A true blessing from the Father.

On January 15th I attended a press conference in Jamaica, Queens, where a few organizations were kicking off 'Peace Week'. I got wind of it due to Erica Ford, Co-Founder & President of Life Camp, A Non-Profit Organization geared to stop violence and engage youth in productive activity. At said press conference I met some great people and had a chance to meet for the first time a friend who we've been emailing back & forth about working together, Cheyenne Myers. Also, at the press conference I had the pleasure of meeting Salt, from Salt & Pepa, Ja Rule, Russel Simmons, Congressman Meeks, Governor David Patterson, and a young man who had talent beyond his years, Robbie Nova. Some were simply meet & greets and others I have developed a personal relationship with. Some closer than others, Such is life. Mind, you, this is only in January. LOL.

In February, I got my nephew, Kamahl Palmer, who goes by the name Naiqui (Na-ki), who is a musician and an actor, into a magazine called HHH (Hotties & Hunks of Hip-Hop). That was his first magazine spread. He was excited! As I was for him.

By this time, I was developing a pattern, a way of thinking, of doing things, a new way of LIVING... Living not for myself, but for others, and I was enjoying the feeling. The reward was simple; THEIR HAPPY, SMILING FACES!!! That was all the reward I needed & wanted. I was transforming into something, someone who I didn't recognize. At times I got scared and at times I wanted to retreat, but the SPIRIT would not allow... I had no choice. Had to keep pushing forward.

In this year, I was finally able to develop a good, healthy, communicatable relationship with my mother, who I am thankful for. We never had a great relationship, but as I grew in LOVE and became closer to God, I began to understand her and subsequently, was able to deal with her, and then we FELL IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN. I LOVE MY MAMA!!!

As the summer grew the murder rate rose. Young men were being murdered at a rapid rate, and I felt hopeless, like there was nothing I could do. I cried and cried and prayed for the violence to stop, my soul knowing that it had to happen in order to shed light on the truth. So I began attending the funerals and attaching myself to some of the families. Being there for them, crying with them and ready to laugh when they were, was the only thing I could do. Well besides working even harder to try to spread a MESSAGE of LOVE!!!

As the summer went on, I met one man who helped and continues to help shape me into WHO I am BECOMING. That man is Mr. Geoffrey A. Davis, Co-Founder, along with his Late Brother, the Honorable James E. Davis, who was assassinated inside of City Hall back in 2003. Geoffrey Davis has shown me that there are people who still DEDICATE their WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE on SPREADING LOVE & STOPPING THE VIOLENCE, forgetting, or encompassing all talents around such messages...

Speeding forward, in this year, I had a magnificent pleasure of starring in a play, "Love Doesn't Hurt" which was about domestic abuse. I got that role due to a friend, Firan Chisolm, mentioning me. I went down for rehearsal and landed the role. Didn't last very long, the play that is, but we had fun and we touched lots of lives. People still talking about as of last night, 12/30. I also had the pleasure of leading, alongside Geoffrey Davis, the 'Love Yourself, Stop The Violence' Peace March, in front of THOUSANDS @ The West Indian Day Parade on Eastern Parkway, in Brooklyn, New York. To go along with that I was able to launch "THE SUGA RAY SHOW" on BlogTalk Radio. Had some great women put that together for me. Definitely a blessing. Oh yea, I forgot I received honors at International Men's Day!!! That was pretty cool as well, except for the fact that at the time I'm getting my award, my friend Derrick Moore was being buried after being murdered just a week before, for nothing of his own accord.Oh yea, and I was Baptized...  Did a lot this year...

Out of all of that, the BEST thing that happened to me in 2010 was developing a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH MY FATHER (God In Heaven) and MY BIG BROTHER (Jesus Christ) and FINALLY UNDERSTANDING WHO I AM AND WHAT MY PURPOSE IS HERE ON EARTH!!!!!!!!

And in Knowing Myself and what my PURPOSE is on Earth, I was able to meet and become friends and fall in LOVE with some AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL INDIVIDUALS!!!!

"My Journey Aint Done Yet, So Imma Continue To Deliver TRUTH!"  ~Suga Ray

Endless Success & Eternal Blessings To All,
Suga Ray

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


GOD don't let me lose my optimism... even though what the future holds is not happiness all the time...

GOD don't let me lose my will to live... even though I know life sometimes can be painful...

GOD don't let me lose my will to have good friends... even though that as the world turns they depart from our lives...

GOD don't let me lose my will to help other people... even though knowing a lot of them are incapable of recognizing my help...

GOD don't let me lose my equilibrium... even though I know that there are forces that want me to fail...

GOD don't let me lose the brightness of my sight... knowing that a lot of things I will see in this world, they will dim the light of the fire in my eyes...

GOD don't let me lose my rason... knowing that there are a lot of delicious temptations in life...

GOD don't let me lose the feeling for justice... knowing that I am the one who could be harmed by it...

GOD don't let me lose the happiness to see... even though tears will come from my eyes and run down my soul...

GOD don't let me lose the love for my family... knowing that a lot of times they will demand incredible efforts to keep harmony...

GOD don't let me lose the will to donate this enormous love I have in my heart... knowing that a lot of times it will be refused...

GOD don't let me lose the will to be BIG... knowing that this is a small world...

I will never forget that GOD'S love for me is endless, that a small grain of love & hope inside of us is capable of changing ANYTHING! That not a single leaf on a tree moves if it is not HIS will. What GOOD does it serve to LIVE if we do not know how to BREATHE? What GOOD does it serve to DREAM, if we are not capable to make those dreams come TRUE?

Live Life On Life's Terms and Understand That It Is YOU Who Are KING!
~Suga Ray

Friday, January 1, 2010


 Now that 2009 is behind us I would first like to say GOD BLESS EVERYONE who made it to see 2010 and even more BLESSINGS to the souls who perished before the year started. We all lost people we loved, whether we knew them personally or they were someone who lived in the public eye. On that note, I would like to send a special Rest In Peace to the King of MUSIC, MICHAEL JACKSON!

 Now with that said, we also had GOALS, ASPIRATIONS and RESOLUTIONS last year that some of us fulfilled and some of us did not, for whatever reason. The key to MOVING FORWARD, SUCCEEDING and WINNING is to UNDERSTAND that EVERY FAILURE or MISHAP is only a CHANCE to do it AGAIN but this time BETTER! We have to realize that because we say things and do not fulfill them all, all of the time, that we are only human and so long as we CONTINUE to STRIVE to IMPROVE and be BETTER, that is the beginning of SUCCESS and becoming a WINNER! We cannot listen to friends and/or family who do not believe in our DREAMS and or RESOLUTIONS which we proclaim for ourselves. We have to find a spot within our own selves and LIVE, LOVE and LEARN to be ONE with that spot because when all is said and done, only YOU and GOD will know what's in your heart and what you could or could not do. And my people, there is NOTHING that CANNOT be done! Remember that!

 Furthermore, if you had a DREAM which you DEVELOPED into a PASSION and have been TRYING desperately to see that PASSION lead to SUCCESS and GREATNESS, just keep on keeping on. Your time is BEFORE you! We as GREATNESS or SUCCESS SEEKERS have to really BELIEVE that when we WORK and are DILIGENT in our FAITH, TRUST and CONFIDENCE in OURSELVES and our LORD that all it takes is one MOMENT, that's it. Our lives can DRAMATICALLY change in the blink of an eye. One phone call. One text message. One email or one knock at the door. THAT'S IT! When you DEDICATE yourself to your DREAM and ACT on your PASSION the WORLD will end up making room for you. Doors that you thought were locked will suddenly open. Doors that you didn't even know existed will suddenly open and you will hear your name being called. It's really that simple. But it does take WORK, DEDICATION, SACRIFICE, RESISTANCE, PERSISTENCE and the UNDYING YEARNING to ALWAYS want to be BETTER! Not better than any other being, but to always STRIVE to be BETTER than you were YESTERDAY, LAST YEAR, or even LAST DECADE.

 The best advice that I have ever given someone was letting them know that every single moment that you're alive is a moment to be better than you were in the moments before. You have to break it down to the simplest form. Heart beats. Each heartbeat is another chance at life. A chance to KNOW better. A chance to DO better. A chance to BE better. And with that said, many, many, many moments have passed since January 1, 2009 and if we are STILL here, there MUST be a reason for it. It is IMPERATIVE that we understand this and we sincerely seek out and find within ourselves what our our purpose for being is. Only then CAN we and only then SHALL we really begin to LIVE and ENJOY life to the BEST of its ABILITY! Do ya feel me?

"Every Second leads to a Minute, Every Minute turns into an Hour, Every Hours Ends up being a Day, Every Day counts as a week, Every Week births a Month, Every Month goes into a Year, Every Year is the formation of a Decade. And in Every Decade, Year, Month, Week, Hour, Minute and  even Down to Every Second, GREATNESS is being ACHIEVED. SUCCESS is being CLAIMED. CLAIM YOURS NOW!"

~Suga Ray

Be Original. Set Trends. Break Records. Make History. Be GREAT!
~Suga Ray

In this New Year, more importantly, in this New Decade, I wish Each and Every Single Person in this World at least a shot at Success. We All Deserve it and we all have what it takes to Claim it. So LETS GET IT!

And if you lost someone close to you or someone you admired in any way has passed on to the other side, always remember that they are NEVER GONE from your life. They are and will always be in your heart, your mind and your soul. Live your life with that at the forefront always!

Eternal Blessings and Endless Success to All,
Suga Ray